I was at borders just now and I came upon this book title lousy invention. The first thing that came to my mind was some weird Japanese inventions but it actually talk about……… animal farm and some other stuff that doesn’t seems lousy on the surface but actually is, well according to the author.

Here are inventions that I actually have a love-hate relationship with.

Light Bulb
Light bulb must be one of the most important invention of the 20 century. The thing about light bulb is that, it causes us instead of working from 8am to 5pm, now we are empower to work around the clock, 24hours a day. Not that it is a bad thing, especially when you really have urgent stuff that you need to do and candles probably can’t help much. And it make simple stuff like going to the toilet with ease without having to worry that you have to bang into random stuff.

But because of light bulb, we have unwillingly become workaholics. If there are no such invention, then there are every reason to stop working past 5pm. Then maybe people will spend more time bonding together and perhaps family will not be in such a un-institutionalize state.

Web messenger
Web messenger must be one of the best invention of the 21st century. At least that is what I used to  thought. Being an introvert person, web messenger is one of the most best tool to know people that I didn’t dare to approach, especially girls during the adolescent growing up years. But the problem with web messenger is that emotion are now express in text form and not verbally or physically. It’s fine once in a while but once it become a part and parcel of life, we are handicap by the lack of actual communication skill. While we have become expert in short text like “lol” or “ttyl”. Most of us didn’t know how to express ourselves in front of  humans.