I ♥ Singapore.

Because that where home is.

On the surface Singapore seems to change way beyond recognition.Just a couple months back, I passed by Raffles Places and this place just look like an entire new place that spring up from the ground. Then again there’s immigration policy, nowadays I have to decent whether should I speak in Mandarin or English, slowly or in a neutral accent or in a Singaporean accent.Don’t get me wrong, I’m not fake. All this is part of me, growing up in an environment of muti racial and nationality.(Come to think of it, I think I’m schizophrenic.) I have to be practical when it comes to presentation. To be effective or to build rapport. I have to talk to coffee shop aunties in Chinese or they will never get my order correct. I have to talk Singlish to certain group of friends or they will start to accuse me of being weird. I have to talk to my customers or boss in prefect English or I will be deem as unprofessional. Trust me, it’s not easy to switch around the different mood like a remote control.

Buildings come and go. Culture changes with immigration policy and pop culture influence. Home is where my family and friends are. It doesn’t matter if buildings are torn and rebuild, it doesn’t matter that I need to converse in Chinese when making my orders, it doesn’t even matter the culture of Singapore changes to a point that I’m unfamiliar with. All it matter is family and friends that I know, care about me. Having a simple dinner together or a chat over a cup of coffee is all I need to call this place Singapore, my home.

Happy 45th Birthday Singapore!

1 comment
  1. daniel said:

    on the contrare… as u know my views… the country is nearing the sewers… FYI

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