I’m just a nice guy.

It’s easy to be mean and get things done. But it takes everything to be a nice guy and still get things done. This was part of our conversation (Donn and I) at 3am in a relatively noisy ( due to a few girls seated beside us playing monopoly duel ) yet empty Swensens restaurant. I brought out this topic as I was working in an event company the past 3 weeks, I observed how my more experience colleague deal with vendor and supplier.

By nature, I a very easy going person and generally friendly. I’m just a nice guy. The type that every girls will comment that any girls that is with me will be lucky but never want to be with. After all that’s a saying that says that “Girls like bad boys”. I know. That will be another debate.

I remember reading a booking saying that General  Eisenhower (or is it MacArthur?) only loses his cool once through out his whole period in office. I think that’s an achievement consider the amount of stress that he had to go through. That is my aim in life. To be a nice guy yet still get things done.

1 comment
  1. daniel said:

    eisenhower is the allied general in WW2 and 3am in swensens?!?!?!

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