Driving Test.

I always wanted to update my blog but laziness just got over me. The thought of all the hard work usually resulted in me surfing the net or Facebooking. 2010 has been amazing so far. I can’t believe that it’s already October! 2 more months to Christmas!

I think I haven’t mention over here that I pass my driving test! It was a tough journey. I wrote this last October on how I struggled to pass my basic theory and when I passed my Final theory in one attempt that I got so excited that I fast forward my practical lesson by using the internet to engage my driving instructor. Life is not a bed or rose. I under estimate myself and thought that within 2-3 months I can master driving and get my driving license with one attempt. I failed. I remember how demoralize I was. Thank God for friends like Daniel and Guo Han who came down to support me during the test and comfort me at the coffee shop when I fail. I took the test again, 2 months later. And I failed again. I was disappointed with myself. I couldn’t believe that I failed again. Add to the pain, I lose another $200. It was alot as I was in bible school then. Every cents count. I picked up myself and applied again. I took the test for the third time. This time I was so nervous. I couldn’t afford to fail anymore. The financial and physiological effects accelerate each time. It was be a drop from the sky if I were to fail one more time. The amount of pressure was heavy. Almost to the extend that I can’t bear. I calm my nerves and took my third attempt. I passed! By the grace of God as I didn’t put on my seat belt throughout the test. God must have blinded the tester. That was during may. It’s almost 5 months since I passed my driving test and every time when I drive, I always feel amaze and a sense of unbelief that a day like this has came.


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