Check out my new blog skin!

I just changed my blog skin. I got sick and tired of the old one, so…………. tata! A brand new one! I’m having my holidays now. A self – declare one! Of course a holiday is never really a holiday when I’m stuck at home. I still have my mini projector rental business to run and my mum will occasionally nag me to help her in some of the household chore.

So far so good. I’ve watched tons Dvds and read tons of books.

One thing that I hate most especially during holidays is when my phone rang. I will jump up and get paranoid. Who? Who is looking for me? Or what? What happened? I hate answering phone. How I wish I have a PA to help me with that aspect of my life. For now, I just have top accept that this is part and parcel of life.

Don’t worry! I will as much as my ability still answer every single call and your call of course.


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