Going Home (Singapore Polytechnic)

Check this video! It’s produced and directed by my fellow polytechnic mate, Vinn Bay & Kirill Tee. I used to do video production when I was in school. Of course, my standard was nowhere near Vinn and Kirill. Like what cowboy Caleb said ,I’m sure they will go very far with their trade. One of the biggest problem I had with video production when I was in school was talent casting. Talent casting is one of the most important factor in video production. But getting elderly like grandparents or even parents can be pretty challenging. The best we can do is to ask our parents or grandparents to act. And from what my experience, we had a hard time persuading our loves one to be feature. So most of the time, we would cast fellow classmates as parents or grandparents which obviously make the whole film fake. So kudos to Vinn and Kirill for their outstanding casting!

Ps: I’m thinking of writing a script and give a try again in film making!

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  1. shannen said:

    wah i think your poly friends did a very great job!!

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