It’s Monday.

It’s 12am. Monday morning. I will be starting work again in 9 hours time. The past 2 weeks of break has been rather unfruitful. I watched tons of movies and facebooking for hours. On the bright side, I managed to clear my IPPT. Which means that I don’t need to go back for RT. The whole test was torturing. I always know that I not super fit but to feel the body fighting for breath and resisting every step that I took was discouraging. I don’t get it why some people can maintain their fitness level with the minimum effort yet I need to give in everything that I had. Okay. Maybe not everything. 80% perhaps. Well. At least I passed.

Crisis. There has been alot of talk about crisis. I personally feel it in my life. I won’t elaborate what it is. But I truly feel that a crisis is a turning point. Crisis brings opportunity. Crisis brings change. Crisis bring a understanding of who I am. There has been a lot of crisis in my life and even though it might not seems like one to you but I felt the heat. I felt the fears. I’m glad to say that despite all these things that happened. I’m still here writing all these stuff. So when I think back, and when I look at how much I have walked along this life journey of mine. Life can’t be that bad.

Love. I’m been thinking alot about love or maybe relationship subconsciously. That are some extreme point of views that I had which I feel that I shouldn’t had. Yet I can’t help but to think of it in that perspective.  It might be because of the past. Or maybe people around me.

I can’t believe how monday blues is making me all cranky, writing all this stuff.


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