Happy New Year!

I know, I know that I am very late. It’s already 6 days since the start of the year and here I am writing this post. I actually slept pass 2010 and before I knew it it’s already 2011! So how I felt about the brand new year? Before I comment maybe I will like to see what I thought a year before. The good thing about blogging is that in a click away, you are back to your thoughts a year ago. So I went back to my archives and read about what I wrote a year and it’s almost embarrassing reading what I thought a year ago. How immature I was. I guess no matter how old I am I will still think that I was a little childish a year before.

2010 was a good year, at least that’s what I felt. Yes, there were a couple of bad days especially the end of the year but I realized it’s really the bad days that review your strength of character and it’s where you tweet it for a better you. One of the key principles that I live by my 2010 is to” better fail than regret”. And I lived it hard or at least harder than I thought I would. As I step out of my comfort zone, I did crazy things! Not in an Immoral way but things that I will never see myself doing it in the past me.  As I live this out of the zone life, there were many embarrassing moment, some I wouldn’t want to mention or remember but it also brought me places that I never thought I would.

One thing that struck me about 2011 is that i’m turning 24 this year! Yes, I know! 24 is not old but it just seems to me that I was just 19 last year. What happened to all these years? What did I actually do? I don’t know. In the past people will be married with 2 kids at 24. On the positive side it actually means that i’m eligible to date TV stars. (well most of the new stars are around my age, it used to be that they are a decade older than I am. Okay yes, that’s my wishful thinking again.But you never know, don’t bet me off so soon!)

Alright so cheers to 2011! May it be a great 12 month for you guys!


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