First week in school.

I’m back to school after 4 years of work/army. If you have read my previous posts, I have wrote about my disappointment in failing to secure a place in Art media and design in NTU and School of information system management in SMU but unfortunately couldn’t managed to secure a slot in it. So I continued to look around for the various option that I could go into knowing that what I studied in polytechnic wasn’t good enough to further my career. I studied mutimedia in polytechnic. It was a fun course but it was a too general course. We learned about every aspect of mutimedia but didn’t specialize in anything of the discipline. I realized that at the end of three years we knew everything but couldn’t really do any professional work. This further confirm when I work in the industry.

So after looking around I found out about Digipen Institute of Technology. DIT is a school that is design to train game developer and artist. Even though it’s a gaming school but it reality it’s really a programming school or an art school. I took up real time interactive simulation which will focus alot on Programming, Maths and physics. I hope I can improve on my development skill in this 2 and a half year course. If time permit, I will tell you more on the happening in the school.


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