This is the latest book that I’m going to finish reading. No, it’s not my textbook but it’s actually a pretty comprehensive book about electronics, mirco chips and the revolution of transistors and the introduction of several engineers, scientist and mathematicians that changes our world with the introduction and invention of  transistor, cathode ray tube and mircochip. And the world we live today consist of mircochip everywhere, TVs, microwave, refrigerator,ect…. It’s pretty informative and even for pure entertainment it’s pretty interesting.

I had English lesson this afternoon. It was the first lesson of the module. So the lecturer started by giving us a series of what is expected and what’s not. Then follow by an introduction of yourself using a symbol and what we hope to achieve at the end of the course. I’m not sure why, maybe after meeting too many people last year I started to get this phobia of opening myself up to people. I got abot nervous and didn’t know what to says. But the differences in me last year and this year is that, last year I’m not afraid and actually felt excited knowing new people in my life but wasn’t confidence and have the appropriate skills to do so. I will end up talking rubbish and living people confuse and maybe not knowing how to carry on the conversation. But this year, I felt especially unmotivated and started to develop phobia in meeting people. But the strange thing is that once I stepped out of comfort zone, I sounded confident and could actually carry on a conversation with ease. I think that’s pretty weird.

Anyway, I couldn’t come out with any symbol that represent myself and I thought, I’m a pretty complex person. I carry many roles in my life and in various role I used a different personality.  I can be a tree that is so stable that no wind or rain can blow me alway, or a wave that will swipe you up and down life with fun. It’s just too complex to say I am this kind of person. period. Well, I’m not. So in the end I said that I’m a dough. I’m not sure how will my classmate react to it. I wouldn’t care too much either.

That’s my initial. How cool is that.


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