How’s everyone doing?

I can’t sleep again.It’s because of the coffee that I drank late just now. I thought why not just wake up and do something that I always wanted to do, which is to have eggs and hotdogs for my breakfast.

How’s life so far? It’s already March.Yes! I know! Time passes. It has been pretty quiet over here on this blog. I guess everyone is probably busy with your own life.

Whenever I thought about March, I will always remember what happened 8 years ago when I was in secondary 4. On the 30 of march 2003, me and my ex girlfriend got together. I know I sounded like a loser. “what! You meant you haven’t got over her after all this years?” No, I haven’t been dwelling over it for a long time but somethings can’t be forgotten. At least not just like that. As much as I want too, it’s stuck in my mind. But at least things are starting to fade away, slowly but surely. This shows how long ago things were. Gosh! I can’t believe I’m going to hit mid twenties soon.Not that old but still….

Having been through a long relationship has certainly made me paranoid in getting into one. I know again I shouldn’t think in such a way but I can’t help. “What do you meant by you can’t help? We all have a will. Don’t we?” I would imagine you telling me that.

You see. Being in a 6 years relationship, the first few year of the relationship was a magical one.Just like Disneyland! (I know I have a flair for the dramatic.) But still it end off in a bad note. This causes physiological challenges into entering a new relationship.

Problem number one, having had a magical honeymoon moment, it’s kinda hard to experience a new level of magical moment.I shouldn’t slap myself by saying all this. So let’s just say, It’s hard but I still believe that it’s possible. Just that I haven’t the same way ever since.

Secondly even if I ever felt again something “special”, is it then justified to enter into a relationship? I do not think so. Base on experience, a good start does not necessary means that it will end with a happily ever after all.

So what should I do? Maybe time out?

Ps: Blogging from my IPhone. Any errors, please pardon me.


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