TerryTori K9s (Territory Acquisition, Shooter)

TerryTori K9s is a competitive 2 player top-down territory acquisition game where players take up the role of two dogs: Terry and Tori, whom compete to be the top dog in the park by occupying multiple territories. Points will be given for every territory occupied and at the end of the match timer, the dog with the most number of points wins the game! While in a match, Terry and Tori will be armed with canine powers that the players can choose. These additional choices will give the players a chance to try out different strategies against each other, adding more hours of fun! Finally, Cats trying to hinder our heroes will be strolling about the park, so watch out!

David Seah – Lead Programmer & Producer
Jae Xu – Lead Game Designer and Artist

Producer’s Comments
TerryTori K9s is a two man production done over a period of 15 weeks. While I had previous experience producing games, this is my first time doing it as a lead programmer and producer. At the start of the project, we started brainstorming different kind of ideas. We wanted the game to be fresh, interesting and yet at the same time not overly ambitious. Jae suggested two dogs fighting in a park for territory. It will make an interesting concept and it will be something like “risk” with more actions! Initially we thought of using the dogs’ pee to demarcate their territory. But technical limitation of the game engine and inappropriateness (game should be suited for kids) changed our mind. We changed the occupying game mechanics, with simply by just standing on the grid. To add in elements of strategy and re-playability, on top of the generic weapon “bark”, we added in four extra weapon where players are able to choose one of them.

The challengers we faced.
I would say that this is one of the most properly schedule games I ever made. Having said that, what is game development without countless dose of coffee, sleepless night, crazy debugging and tension. I would said that despite all this, it wasn’t as bad as previous experience(five days without proper sleep?).And We hit most of our milestones but at times sacrificing other school work.

Things that I learned.
Lots of playtest! The most important part of a game is that it should be fun! So what if we managed to add in all the cool features but it isn’t fun. And also I think having a understanding of your ability is important. You wouldn’t want to make a game that is too difficult and giving up half way or at the same time making a game that is too simple.

Failure the path to success

The word “failure” is often used to describe a person that is unsuccessful. People would refer to J.K Rowling,successful author of Harry Potter, as a failure. She had an exceptionally short lived marriage, a lone parent, was jobless and as poor as it is possible to be in modern Britain, without being homeless. Yet she ascend from rags to riches. Forbes estimated Rowling’s net worth to be US$1 billion and she was named ‘Most Influential Woman in Britain’ by leading magazine editors. People often define failure as not meeting the intended objective. They believe that when they set a goal and fail to get it the first time, it means that they failed. And yet by this definition many successful people we hold the utmost respect for will be deemed at once a failure.

Failure is not defined in a single event. If you were to define it in such a way, everyone would seen as a failure. If you were to define it in such a way, you will never dare to step out of your comfort zone. How should we define failure then?

True failure is not falling down but refusing to get up. When met with a setback, what sets a failure from a winner is his ability to look forward and soar up from failure. Some people perhaps of their pampered upbringing, has never meet with adversity in their life and when met with a setback their whole world came falling apart. This is usually the reason why most child stars, despite possess a head start in life, usually fall from grace to become wreckage. They never had the time and experience to cultivate their character that flourish from triumph over failures. Winston Churchill failed sixth grade. He was defeated in every election for public office until he became Prime Minster at the age of 62. He had a speech impediment which he worked hard to subjugate and became one of the greatest public speakers. Imagine if Churchill stopped at his last attempt campaigning for the public office or gave up on overcoming his speech disability… Without Churchill, millions in Britain would not be able to draw strength from the inspiration of his speech and leadership during the dark days of the world war. Like Churchill as long as you do not give up, you have not failed yet!

It is a mistake to suppose that people succeed without failing. People often succeed through failures. Successful people believe that when they did not meet a set goal, they have not failed. As long as they do not quit, they are just one step closer to success. They see every setback as a learning experience. Failure,while a harsh teacher at times, is the best teacher. It can teaches us insight and wisdom that can never learn in books and sows seeds of success into our life.

Successful people believe that when they set a goal and did not meet it, they have not failed. As long as they do not quit, they are just one step closer to success; They see every attempt as a learning experience. J.K Rowling had her seed of success sowed by failure. Failure taught her to stop pretending to herself that she was anything other than what she was. Failure gave her an inner security that she had never attained by passing examinations. Had she succeed in anything else she might have never found the determination in writing Harry Potter and that this formative experiences informed much of what she subsequently wrote in Harry Potter.

The greatest failure in life is to not even try. Fear of failure is one of the greatest fears people have. It comes from the fear of criticism and rejection. Whatever we learned, we learned from the result of trial and error. Thomas Edison, when he was constructing the light bulb, built 1000 prototypes that did not work before he successfully built one. A reporter asked Edison on how it felt to fail 1000 times. Edison replied, “I did not fail 1000 times. I’ve successfully found 1000 ways that the light bulb would not work.” Edison did not view failure like the way many do. He viewed failure as an acceptable way to learn and grow. Failure is a natural consequence of trying. To succeed takes time and prolonged effort in the face of unfriendly odds.

So when you do not achieve your goals, instead of thinking you are a failure, tell yourself “you are just one step closer to success!” Failures are inevitable if you envision to do something great in life. Do not be afraid and give up when you meet one. Rather embrace it like a friend and it will set your life into the path of success.

The Power of vulnerability

I truly embraced what Brene Brown said about having the courage to show your vulnerability. Like Brene Brown, I realized that I lacked of the ability to connect with people (Even more obvious in recent years). I once shared with a close friend of mine that what I felt about interpersonal relationship. I shared with him about my inability to make friends, not in a sense of acquaintance but close friendship. I justified my inability by the fact that many people don’t have alot of close friends. Statistic shows that a person has only less than 5 friends that they will call good friends . To my surprise ( maybe it wasn’t that much of a surprise) he revealed that the first impression that I gave him was that I am a very friendly person but after knowing me, all of a sudden I took a big step back and it seems that I was unapproachable and distance in personality.  But after getting to know me better he realized that I am actually a nice guy to hang out with that meant no hurt.

This set me thinking.

I was afraid of showing the vulnerable side of me. I wanted people to see the side that I want to be, rather than who I really am. As a result, I distanced myself from showing my true self. Brene Brown said ” people who connect with people are those who show people who they really are. That they have the courage to be imperfect. To tell the story of who you are with your whole heart. They have connect as a result of authenticity.” I realized that I am a person of have many layers. It’s impossible to categorize what kind of person I am. I could be because of my experience, my upbringing, the things that I am influence by, my values, my weakness, I don’t know.   Some that I am willing to show some not as much. My classmate told me that after spending 3months with me he still doesn’t really know who I am as compare to the rest where he know who are they. I think he is simplifying things  and human nature but he did make a note to me. I think that I am seen as a complex person. Knowing these, I am going to make some change in myself and my belief system. I will embrace the power of vulnerability and really show people who I am, my strength and my weakness. The courage to be seen as a failure. Being authentic  so in order to bring relationship around me to the next level.


“Men are made in adversity.” I truly believe in this statement. The past one year was tough, the past three months were tough yet I realized that the endurance that I gathered, the strength that I found couldn’t be there without all this difficultly. I realized that every adversity that I went through I find out something about myself that can be better. That the need to change in myself, the need to change in the ways that I do things, the way that I think wouldn’t be possible with adversity.

I learned to take hardship. I learned to take things by my stride. I learned to be patient. I learned to be a problem solver. I learned to be who I am and to stand out for what I believed in. Someone once said that life is a tough but good teacher for he gave you the test before teaching you the stuff.

Wish List!

I always think that people that comes out with a wist list are materialistic(including myself). Can’t we just appreciate things that we have than instead always wanting to hope for the things that we don’t. But I don’t know why, somehow when I made a wish list, I will get the stuff eventually(it can be many years later!) . Either that or I don’t really want it anymore.  So if you can get what you want by making a wish list, why not!

1. Canon EF 50mm f1.4

2. Macbook Pro

My previous Macbook died and I still haven’t gotten a replacement yet. Currently I’m working on my dad’s desktop. I don’t really need a computer as most of the time I’m working from school. But I really want a new Macbook to work on my Iphone development.

3.  Acoustic Guitar

I had an electric guitar but I miss playing acoustic. It will be great to have an additional guitar!