Wish List!

I always think that people that comes out with a wist list are materialistic(including myself). Can’t we just appreciate things that we have than instead always wanting to hope for the things that we don’t. But I don’t know why, somehow when I made a wish list, I will get the stuff eventually(it can be many years later!) . Either that or I don’t really want it anymore.  So if you can get what you want by making a wish list, why not!

1. Canon EF 50mm f1.4

2. Macbook Pro

My previous Macbook died and I still haven’t gotten a replacement yet. Currently I’m working on my dad’s desktop. I don’t really need a computer as most of the time I’m working from school. But I really want a new Macbook to work on my Iphone development.

3.  Acoustic Guitar

I had an electric guitar but I miss playing acoustic. It will be great to have an additional guitar!

  1. dw said:

    u tried repairing ur macbook? or the repair costs outweigh the cost of a new 1?

    • sengchong said:

      My old one broke already.

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