“Men are made in adversity.” I truly believe in this statement. The past one year was tough, the past three months were tough yet I realized that the endurance that I gathered, the strength that I found couldn’t be there without all this difficultly. I realized that every adversity that I went through I find out something about myself that can be better. That the need to change in myself, the need to change in the ways that I do things, the way that I think wouldn’t be possible with adversity.

I learned to take hardship. I learned to take things by my stride. I learned to be patient. I learned to be a problem solver. I learned to be who I am and to stand out for what I believed in. Someone once said that life is a tough but good teacher for he gave you the test before teaching you the stuff.

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  1. dwong said:

    hang in there! ur perseverence will bring you there…

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