The Power of vulnerability

I truly embraced what Brene Brown said about having the courage to show your vulnerability. Like Brene Brown, I realized that I lacked of the ability to connect with people (Even more obvious in recent years). I once shared with a close friend of mine that what I felt about interpersonal relationship. I shared with him about my inability to make friends, not in a sense of acquaintance but close friendship. I justified my inability by the fact that many people don’t have alot of close friends. Statistic shows that a person has only less than 5 friends that they will call good friends . To my surprise ( maybe it wasn’t that much of a surprise) he revealed that the first impression that I gave him was that I am a very friendly person but after knowing me, all of a sudden I took a big step back and it seems that I was unapproachable and distance in personality.  But after getting to know me better he realized that I am actually a nice guy to hang out with that meant no hurt.

This set me thinking.

I was afraid of showing the vulnerable side of me. I wanted people to see the side that I want to be, rather than who I really am. As a result, I distanced myself from showing my true self. Brene Brown said ” people who connect with people are those who show people who they really are. That they have the courage to be imperfect. To tell the story of who you are with your whole heart. They have connect as a result of authenticity.” I realized that I am a person of have many layers. It’s impossible to categorize what kind of person I am. I could be because of my experience, my upbringing, the things that I am influence by, my values, my weakness, I don’t know.   Some that I am willing to show some not as much. My classmate told me that after spending 3months with me he still doesn’t really know who I am as compare to the rest where he know who are they. I think he is simplifying things  and human nature but he did make a note to me. I think that I am seen as a complex person. Knowing these, I am going to make some change in myself and my belief system. I will embrace the power of vulnerability and really show people who I am, my strength and my weakness. The courage to be seen as a failure. Being authentic  so in order to bring relationship around me to the next level.


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