TerryTori K9s (Territory Acquisition, Shooter)

TerryTori K9s is a competitive 2 player top-down territory acquisition game where players take up the role of two dogs: Terry and Tori, whom compete to be the top dog in the park by occupying multiple territories. Points will be given for every territory occupied and at the end of the match timer, the dog with the most number of points wins the game! While in a match, Terry and Tori will be armed with canine powers that the players can choose. These additional choices will give the players a chance to try out different strategies against each other, adding more hours of fun! Finally, Cats trying to hinder our heroes will be strolling about the park, so watch out!

David Seah – Lead Programmer & Producer
Jae Xu – Lead Game Designer and Artist

Producer’s Comments
TerryTori K9s is a two man production done over a period of 15 weeks. While I had previous experience producing games, this is my first time doing it as a lead programmer and producer. At the start of the project, we started brainstorming different kind of ideas. We wanted the game to be fresh, interesting and yet at the same time not overly ambitious. Jae suggested two dogs fighting in a park for territory. It will make an interesting concept and it will be something like “risk” with more actions! Initially we thought of using the dogs’ pee to demarcate their territory. But technical limitation of the game engine and inappropriateness (game should be suited for kids) changed our mind. We changed the occupying game mechanics, with simply by just standing on the grid. To add in elements of strategy and re-playability, on top of the generic weapon “bark”, we added in four extra weapon where players are able to choose one of them.

The challengers we faced.
I would say that this is one of the most properly schedule games I ever made. Having said that, what is game development without countless dose of coffee, sleepless night, crazy debugging and tension. I would said that despite all this, it wasn’t as bad as previous experience(five days without proper sleep?).And We hit most of our milestones but at times sacrificing other school work.

Things that I learned.
Lots of playtest! The most important part of a game is that it should be fun! So what if we managed to add in all the cool features but it isn’t fun. And also I think having a understanding of your ability is important. You wouldn’t want to make a game that is too difficult and giving up half way or at the same time making a game that is too simple.


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