Strange advices

My aunt and grandma visited my family this morning. It was out of the norm as my aunt will only visits us  during the Chinese New Year. Anyway my mum started to show case some Chinese philosophy/Confucius VCDS which she got it from giving to a donation. I wasn’t really close to my aunt or my grandma and I couldn’t connect to them but out of respect I did the next best thing that I knew, which was to hang around, trying to be part of the conversation. My aunt will always give me strange advice, not necessarily bad but just strange consider coming  from someone I don’t meet very often.

Going back to the VCDS, my aunt had watched some of them and started enthusiastically recommending me one that talked about sex. Describing to me a testimony of a person that used to be really good with his studies but because of pornography that caused his studies to suffered and after watching the video, he recovered. Then she went on to talked about some interview with a dog unit police officer, on how the dog’s sense of smell greatly suffered after having sex for one time. And if the dog had sex for more than three times, he will be considered useless.

I find it the whole experience really awkward. I guess she’s just being concern but it felt so weird coming from someone that I don’t meet often. Anyway she end off  by telling me not to get distracted with having a girlfriend when I’m studying. I couldn’t take it any more so I quickly made my exit back to my work while they started gossiping about family politics.


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