Stages of life

I was looking at my photo albums a couple of weeks back and I realized that people that I used to share my life with couple of years back were living very different life now. Almost half of them are happily married and many of them have kids. I thought to myself how a few years down the road can make such a big difference in life.

We call it the stage of life. It’s like the leap you took when you are in kindergarten  to start of your primary school education or for Singaporean guys a leap from a high school  student to a solider.  It seems like life has become automated that you know what to do when out of one stage.

I started to question these automation. Who defined all these stages? Why do we have to follow these road that is being pave out my a certain individual or policy? Have we grow so custom to people or society expectation that we forget and don’t question about choices outside the system.

Early this year, I attended a friend’s wedding. It was all beautiful and It seems like a fairy tale ending. i started visioning myself in their shoes and got nervous. I can’t do that. Not now. I always wonder how will it be like to step into the next stage of this marriage life. I got a feeling that it’s like the first day in primary school or the first day when you get enlisted in the army. It seems scary but after a while you will get use to it. this may be a sound argument but I don’t seems to buy into it.(As much as I want to)

My mum got married when she was 24 because of that she always think that she missed out alot in life. Maybe her life could have been better if she married late. She could have a better career and see the world. Every now and then she will always tell me not to get married early. “See the world, expose yourself.” Maybe because of that, subconsciously I will always tell myself don’t get tie down, traveled and see the world first.  No I don’t have a commitment issues. On contrary, I believe in commitment. Commitment to me is forever.  It is a promise that I will carry out till the end of my life.

I know I sounded like an idealist. But no I will not bow down to social norm.


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