Living Healthier!

I have decided to start on a campaign to eat healthier for the rest of 2012.  I realized that recently I get tired easily and always low on energy. As a result I couldn’t really focus and always felt sleepy. As a result I am unproductive in my work and always rely on “drugs (caffeine)” especially  during crunch time. I started to question myself on why. Why do I get so tired easily? After reading up and surfing the net, i concluded that it is because of the “bad” food and the lack of exercise. I read up some where, when someone asked Richard Branson on how can he do some much? ( He started almost 400 companies if I ma not wrong. ) His simple answer? Work out! I mean, if someone who is twice the age of me and operating 400 business and still work up, what excuse can I really give myself right? Furthermore, I was not having the right mentality of working out. All these while I thought that working up will take up my time but the truth can never be further than that. My research shows that working out actually improve your productivity and allowed you to focus on your work for a long period. Also if you feel good about yourself, you are more confident in yourself. This confident brings forward to other aspect of your life.

I am also committed to eating healthier. Instead of buying from the hawker I will try to bring more homemade sandwiches for lunch. Less Oil and more vegetables! Through my research, I also understand the value of eating complex foods, like wholemeal, which is harder to break down thus giving you energy throughout the day instead of release it all at a shot to your body.

I am not trying to slim down or lose weight even though that will be good. Instead I am building up a lifestyle that allows my body to work at its greatest level so that I can carry out the many things I dream of doing. 6 Months! Hopefully at the end of the year I will give a good report!

(P.S When I write this, I have been working out almost everyday for two weeks and eating healthier for 2 weeks. Even though I have not lost any weight, I am feeling much better. I feel much energetic and able to work longer hours in the past week. My goal is to shred away my stomach fats, I always hate the lump of fats around my waist, I find it very disturbing when I cannot fit in my jeans. )


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