My quotes

“My aim is not only to complete the assignment but to improve as a programmer. I know that if  I got better with each assignment completed, one day I will be world class.”

“The Attention to details is what make a programmer.”

“The beginning is always hard, you have to use all your strength, all your mind and all your heart to move the project to a position that it makes sense. It’s like playing sudoku. The starting is always the hardest but once you reach the halfway point, the difficulty curve drop tremendously. Many people are turned off by the initial steep curve but once you climb over the peak the feeling is indescribable and the more times you overcome it, the easier the next climb is.“

“It sucks, It always sucks! The sooner you realized it, the better you feel. You just have to stick through it. And since it sucks, you might as well have fun doing it while it sucks.”

“Be world class in everything u do!”


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