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Finally an update from Samsung for the Android OS but it’s still not 4.4 kit kat yet! The update is only to Jelly Bean 4.3. But overall I am very happy with the latest update. The phone seems much fluid now and the new design looks pretty nice.


Galaxy S3 crying out for the Android 4.4 update as 4.3 fails

I have been using a Samsung S3 for almost two years. Even though there are some aspect of the phone that I don’t like ( short battery life and no LTE! ), it actually serve me well for the past two years. Here are some of the application that I really like it a lot and use it daily.

After trying out many to do apps, I stumble at Any.Do. This is by far the best to do apps I have ever tried. I like its clean interface and it’s user friendliness. What’s more it’s free! Cal

Also made by the same developer as Any.Do. I was prompted to download Cal in app.  Having a good impression of Any.Do app, I decided to download it. Usually I will dismiss any in app request for external download. Once again Any.Do Cal surprise me with it’s clean and user friendly calender. Even though Google did a good job with it’s calender application, this is actually much better!

Google Keep

This is the best not taking app ever. After switching from iphone to Android, I tried many apps that do note taking and none of them beat the note app from iphone. That is until I discuss Google Keep. And what makes it even better is that it is synchronise with my Nexus 7 and any web browser.  It even has a version at chrome store.

Hacker News

This is where I get my daily dose of technology information. It is filled with many interesting and informative articles. It’s supported by a strong community of people who are interested in technology and how technology affects the world and people around us. What’s even better is that it’s does not consume lots of data, which is great as I only have 2gb of internet data every month.

Honourable mention
Instagram, 9Gag, Facebook, all these are great applications but they take up far too much data. I enjoyed instagram a lot but browsing around 15-20 post consuming almost 10mb of data. I hope Instangram can improve on this aspect.

whatsapp. SMS with a no worries of busting your SMS count and you can send pictures and have group chat. Makes group discussion so much easier.

I bought a new monitor! Dell s2340L for only $200 Singapore dollars. Productivity should increase by 200%! I always wanted to have a monitor because working on my laptop screen is painfully and slow downs productivity.