Seng Chong graduated with a diploma in Multimedia. Without knowing anything about multimedia he decided to study it because it sounds cool. Because of that, he’s exposed to the world of entertainment, media, design and technology. More than just pursing a success in academic, Seng Chong is a curious person by nature. He’s willingly to take risk to explore new ideas and concept and most importantly have fun!

Presently Seng Chong works in SkyVu pictures as a producer. Prior to that, he was conscript to the army as an Armour Specialist and worked in Singapore Polytechnic as a multimedia designer. Through this experience, he managed to find balance between creativity and discipline, which make him unique as a designer.

However Seng Chong ultimate passion is not in design but entreneurship. It has been his dream since his teenage years to be an entrepreneur. He is glad that the exposure he was given at Skyvu pictures. Showing him a world that is much bigger than what he knew. One day his dream is to set up a company that revolutionize work setting and environment in Singapore. A company that exist not just for revenue but making the life of people especially its employee better. His greatest challenges will be finding a balance between idealism and pragmatic, and not losing his soul while trying to gain the whole world.

During his free time, Seng Chong likes to indulge himself with reading, photography and movies. A good day for him will be describe as lazing around in a comfortable café while slipping a cup of tea with his love one. While he enjoys a quite life, he understands that life is full of ups and down especially when you want to pursue your dreams. He’s ready for this unpredictable yet fun and exciting life journey that he’s embarking.


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