Life In General


“Men are made in adversity.” I truly believe in this statement. The past one year was tough, the past three months were tough yet I realized that the endurance that I gathered, the strength that I found couldn’t be there without all this difficultly. I realized that every adversity that I went through I find out something about myself that can be better. That the need to change in myself, the need to change in the ways that I do things, the way that I think wouldn’t be possible with adversity.

I learned to take hardship. I learned to take things by my stride. I learned to be patient. I learned to be a problem solver. I learned to be who I am and to stand out for what I believed in. Someone once said that life is a tough but good teacher for he gave you the test before teaching you the stuff.

I always think that people that comes out with a wist list are materialistic(including myself). Can’t we just appreciate things that we have than instead always wanting to hope for the things that we don’t. But I don’t know why, somehow when I made a wish list, I will get the stuff eventually(it can be many years later!) . Either that or I don’t really want it anymore.  So if you can get what you want by making a wish list, why not!

1. Canon EF 50mm f1.4

2. Macbook Pro

My previous Macbook died and I still haven’t gotten a replacement yet. Currently I’m working on my dad’s desktop. I don’t really need a computer as most of the time I’m working from school. But I really want a new Macbook to work on my Iphone development.

3.  Acoustic Guitar

I had an electric guitar but I miss playing acoustic. It will be great to have an additional guitar!

I can’t sleep again.It’s because of the coffee that I drank late just now. I thought why not just wake up and do something that I always wanted to do, which is to have eggs and hotdogs for my breakfast.

How’s life so far? It’s already March.Yes! I know! Time passes. It has been pretty quiet over here on this blog. I guess everyone is probably busy with your own life.

Whenever I thought about March, I will always remember what happened 8 years ago when I was in secondary 4. On the 30 of march 2003, me and my ex girlfriend got together. I know I sounded like a loser. “what! You meant you haven’t got over her after all this years?” No, I haven’t been dwelling over it for a long time but somethings can’t be forgotten. At least not just like that. As much as I want too, it’s stuck in my mind. But at least things are starting to fade away, slowly but surely. This shows how long ago things were. Gosh! I can’t believe I’m going to hit mid twenties soon.Not that old but still….

Having been through a long relationship has certainly made me paranoid in getting into one. I know again I shouldn’t think in such a way but I can’t help. “What do you meant by you can’t help? We all have a will. Don’t we?” I would imagine you telling me that.

You see. Being in a 6 years relationship, the first few year of the relationship was a magical one.Just like Disneyland! (I know I have a flair for the dramatic.) But still it end off in a bad note. This causes physiological challenges into entering a new relationship.

Problem number one, having had a magical honeymoon moment, it’s kinda hard to experience a new level of magical moment.I shouldn’t slap myself by saying all this. So let’s just say, It’s hard but I still believe that it’s possible. Just that I haven’t the same way ever since.

Secondly even if I ever felt again something “special”, is it then justified to enter into a relationship? I do not think so. Base on experience, a good start does not necessary means that it will end with a happily ever after all.

So what should I do? Maybe time out?

Ps: Blogging from my IPhone. Any errors, please pardon me.

The past few days I have been shocked by people standing outside the lift when the door open. They either stand too close to the lift or tried to run into the lift. These made me jumped up and shocked me for a split second.

So people when you are waiting for the lift, don’t stand too close to the door! People might just kiss into you or charge towards you like a rugby player the next time.

I just took my first math quiz and I know that I will definitely fail. It will be more of a blessing if I did not get a zero. I’m not upset about it cause all my classmate feels the same way which means that the paper is just way too difficult. The speed of the lesson is like a train zooming passes me and before you knew it, it’s gone. Lesson ends and you are hanging on the air wondering what had just happened. That’s bad. Real bad. My math professor philosophy towards maths is to have a more active approach towards solving maths problems. Which means that no ten year series. Come out with your own questions, tackle the unknown and drown in the world of algebra and numbers. So is bad. But I know that at the end of the day it will make me a better problem solver. And yes, I’m spending 4 hours on maths everyday.

This is the latest book that I’m going to finish reading. No, it’s not my textbook but it’s actually a pretty comprehensive book about electronics, mirco chips and the revolution of transistors and the introduction of several engineers, scientist and mathematicians that changes our world with the introduction and invention of  transistor, cathode ray tube and mircochip. And the world we live today consist of mircochip everywhere, TVs, microwave, refrigerator,ect…. It’s pretty informative and even for pure entertainment it’s pretty interesting.

I had English lesson this afternoon. It was the first lesson of the module. So the lecturer started by giving us a series of what is expected and what’s not. Then follow by an introduction of yourself using a symbol and what we hope to achieve at the end of the course. I’m not sure why, maybe after meeting too many people last year I started to get this phobia of opening myself up to people. I got abot nervous and didn’t know what to says. But the differences in me last year and this year is that, last year I’m not afraid and actually felt excited knowing new people in my life but wasn’t confidence and have the appropriate skills to do so. I will end up talking rubbish and living people confuse and maybe not knowing how to carry on the conversation. But this year, I felt especially unmotivated and started to develop phobia in meeting people. But the strange thing is that once I stepped out of comfort zone, I sounded confident and could actually carry on a conversation with ease. I think that’s pretty weird.

Anyway, I couldn’t come out with any symbol that represent myself and I thought, I’m a pretty complex person. I carry many roles in my life and in various role I used a different personality.  I can be a tree that is so stable that no wind or rain can blow me alway, or a wave that will swipe you up and down life with fun. It’s just too complex to say I am this kind of person. period. Well, I’m not. So in the end I said that I’m a dough. I’m not sure how will my classmate react to it. I wouldn’t care too much either.

That’s my initial. How cool is that.