Did I mention that I used to be in the school band during secondary school? I used to hate it but a decade later it’s one of the most memorable period of my life.


I was going through my image processing notes, and I encounter the topic of Euler’s formula for complex numbers. Despite taking quite a bit of mathematics modules the past few years, I have not studied before Euler’s formula so this appears a little foreign to me. A little search on the internet and I encounter this page. A good read for those that want to know more about Euler’s Formula. http://betterexplained.com/articles/intuitive-understanding-of-eulers-formula/


Hi guys! Hello form Redmond, Washington! I will be here for three months for my summer semester in Digipen. It has been an awesome experience so far! The weather is really nice even though it’s summer.  I hope that I can learn as much as I can over here and be a better programmer when I came back. Hopefully I will be posting more often over here. Give me a comment!