Ian Fisher: How an American soldier is made.

Ian Fisher: How an American soldier is made.
This is a beautiful capture of how an America soldier is made. It reminds me of my own army story. Even though it’s only training and no war. (I’m glad there’s actually no war.)

I have many army stories to tell too. How I wish there’s a camera to capture every moment of it.

From my enlistment to school of infantry specialist to school of armour to unit. How I survived the many outfield.Maintaining the vehicle in the strangest condition.(I will never forget the day I changed my vehicle track with my section mate in the first cold, rainy and windy night in Taiwan.) Oversea trip in Taiwan, Australia and New Zealand. Bubble tea and Ji Pa in Taiwan. (yam yam!) How I almost die in Australia after crashing to a tree.  Horrible instructor and Superior. Commanders I respected  and so many more.

My 2 years in army was so interesting that I couldn’t have ask for more.

  1. Leslie said:

    i will nv forget the day when me and chris break track with u in the harsh cold conditions in taiwan =)

  2. sengchong said:

    We all knew that both of you were “there”.

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